Britt Foe

"Chrissie Hall was an amazing photographer at my wedding, she wasextremely professional and needed very little direction and had so manybrilliant and fun ideas. She managed to capture all the special moments andmany beautiful pictures of the guests, she also went above and beyond the callof duty and took amazing photos of the venue and different rooms and tablesettings. 

She really knows how to catch a moment, something that cant be staged,you hardly noticed she was there.

She made me feel very relaxed and that it was all in control the wholeday long. 

We received the pictures promptly after the event and had tons of ordersof prints from all the guests.

I would get married again if only to use her and get some more greatpictures!

Our memories will last forever and Im so grateful to her for doing sucha fantastic job.

Highly recommended. "

Georgie Taylor

"Chrissie's beautiful photography perfectly captured our special momentswith friends and family on our wedding day.  We were so impressed that wehave since had two family shoots with her.  She makes the experience funfor all and is great with the kids.  We will treasure these pictures andwe plan to use Chrissie again and again!"

Ainslie Hie

"We were very pleased with Chrissie who was the professional photographerfor our wedding. During the shoots, she was able to make us feel at easeand laugh, getting us to smile and stand or sit naturally. We also had a lot offun together, and she really got into the 'spirit of things'. We were reallydelighted with the photos; they were beautiful and stylish, without being'cheesy'. I would strongly recommend her as a professional photographerfor a wedding."

Lara Mottee

"Chrissie was loads of fun to work with- she made sure I feltrelaxed and natural on our wedding day. Our finished production photos areabsolutely stunning - I can't stop smiling, they are memories I will alwaystreasure! "

TuiSiong Hie

“Chrissie photographed my wedding ceremony andreception. She is extremely professional, personalable and creative. 

Enjoyedworking with you Chrissie! "It was great to have Chrissie shoot our wedding day. Her energyand creativity were infectious and  her professionalism made, what wasotherwise a manic day for my bride and I, an enjoyable and fun shoot." 

Miriam Grayling

"Chrissie has a remarkable talent for getting the very best photographic response from her clients. She is an extremely talented photographer. Thank you so much for being our photographer at our wedding"

Charlotte Davies

"Chrissie Hall was my photographer at my wedding and I am beyond thrilled with the outcome. She was not only professional, but used her artistic eye to create a unique album, whilst catching all aspects of the wedding. Thank you Chrissie for helping us remember our special day in the most perfect way"

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